Wool Rug Repair and Restoration

There are two options for a wool rug that has staining and damage: replace it with fresh carpeting, or fix and revive it. If the carpeting is affordable, it could be best to replace it. But if it's valued, it ought to be restored and repaired.

Below we record six wool carpet restoration and repair methods that may change your carpeting from plain to fantastic to get a fraction of what it might cost to obtain a new one. You can locate oriental carpet company in Bellevue which provides the best carpet cleaning services.


Despite functioning as an accent, fringe plays a vital function in a rug's look, which makes it look old and worn out when bits of fringe is missing. Fringe is fixed by being eliminated and replaced with fresh fringe, which can be sewn in by hand.

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Spot dying colors a rug's faded parts back to their original color. For wool rugs whose first aesthetic is inherent for their worth, re-dying faded stains that result from foot cleaning and traffic is a smart investment.


Serging is the wrap of the carpeting border to give it a final look and stop it from fraying. As time passes, a carpet's serge may get loose or broken because of foot traffic as well as vacuuming. Serge is fixed by being eliminated and replaced with fresh serge, which makes the carpet edge appear fresh.

Repairing and restoring your wool carpets can conserve its worth and increase its physical appearance. However, you should not expect its repair and recovery to just anybody. Rather than employing a business which cleans home carpet and additionally services rugs, it's ideal to seek the services of a blower carpet service which specializes in carpets, also has experience repairing and rebuilding your sort of carpeting.