What Makes Princess Lower Engagement Rings Popular?

The growing popularity of princess cut engagement rings has grabed everyone's attention these days. This particular cut shape for diamonds is rather new and unique when comparing the traditional round cut. It is ideal for all those couples who wish to make a different style statement on the engagement. You can buy engagement ring from eternitybyyoni for your function.

More so, the princess cut exposes the versatility of diamonds that could be cut into many brilliant shapes. Apart from its uniqueness, there are several other factors that lie behind the popularity with the princess cut engagement rings.

As we continue, we will evaluate the key factors.

Princess Cut Engagement Jewelry Defined

These rings have diamonds which might be basically square-shaped with a toned top. And, the cut is found to be more popular among diamond cutters, as it supports more crystal weight.

Two forms of cut namely the step cut and the brilliant cut is used from the making of princess cut precious stone. Apart from that, a number of parallel designs also run down the length or width of the diamond that provides rise to a step reduce. The brilliant cut is usually triangular fit imparting many facets to the stone.


-The reduction also enables the diamond for you to reflect excellent color and lucidity.

-It is comparatively simpler to create and polish most of these rings.

-Its sharp corners using prongs offer excellent protection against damage of all kinds.