What Are The Different Types of Tow Trucks?

When you see a car being towed from an accident or pulled from a ditch, you witness one of the many uses of a tow truck. Many people are not aware of other things that require towing services too. Airplanes, ships and even houses all require the occasional crane.

In this case, certain tow trucks have different advantages for each type of crane. There are stereotypical tow trucks out on the road that pull cars from the moat and haul vehicles to car shops, but there are other types too. If you want to know more about tow services, then you can also visit ciscotow.com/.

Continue reading to learn about several different types of tow trucks and what is used to get out on the road.

Flat Bed Trucks

Flatbed trucks have flat "bedlike" trunks. They usually extend at least 6-8 feet, but in the towing industry, they are usually longer. Flatbeds can lower all the way to the ground, allowing cars and other vehicles to load without difficulty.

If they can be passed, they can be pushed straight into a flatbed, locked, and then towed away. Not only are they produced to go to the ground, but they are also hydraulically powered, and can be tilted and moved up and down. They are also called rollback tow trucks, boom trucks, and sliding tow trucks.

Hook and Chain Trucks

Towing and chain trucks are designed to secure chains and ropes around the axle or vehicle frame for towing. The chain needs the help of a winch boom to pull it up from the ground. This will be pressed into the rubber mat so other axles can be used as well.