Trying To Get Tips On Senior Beauty Blogs

Now before you go on and find yourself your own blogger that could help you, try to take in the fact that not everyone has the same taste as you. Nor do they have the same skin tone or finances to take on the more known brand of cosmetics. Some use the most expensive one out there and you would be left devastated because you cannot afford any. And while they certainly help, all bloggers can help you. So find a proper senior beauty blog.

Not going to lie here, we have our own biases for beauty bloggers. But they are not really the senior types. Personally, the way Marzia Bisognin does her make up is more of out thing because she does them in a classy and light way.

Her style tends to tan skin as well as the lighter types which are more out thing, really. Her fashion choices are also really nice since they cater to younger ones and those who want to be more creative. And they may not be for everyone but we cannot deny that they are pleasing to the eyes.

It just is a shame that most of us do not share her body size. Marzia is more on the thin side and most of her clothes fit her and look good on her BECAUSE her body is right for it. It is a shame that she does not do Youtube anymore since we are more likely to get her to advise there, but then again, we are also relieved that she stopped.

That platform is getting worse and worse every year for the Youtubers anyway. And she has a lot of businesses that she still handles, including her blog, her clothing lines, and her makeup brand. As well as her artworks and other animations that she still does.

And then there is Wiishu, whose color choices are more like our style. She likes black and darker colors to be put on her pale face, which suits her just fine. Her fashion choices are also darker than most and her slight body fits into them just as well.

The way she picks out her makeup and the brand is a bit relieving because they are known to be a little cheaper than what Marzia chooses. Since Marzia is really famous, of course, she chooses the more expensive brand, at least the ones she sponsors. As well as the ones that she creates herself.

Wiishu is a little practice. Although still more expensive than what we commoners are used, they still are a bit less than what bloggers suggest. And since we all like it when things are practical, we tend to gravitate towards these things. Maybe their styles do not really suit those of the senior level but at least there do not just cater to one specific type of audience.

They can also be used for those younger over even the older ones who need more help than the younger folk. Hopefully, other bloggers and beauty vlogger will get more credit than what they are used to because they do more than just teach us how to do out makeup. They also teach us confidence.