The Most Economic Type of Retaining Wall

The main role of the retaining wall is to retain dirt during heavy rain. A quality retaining wall must have the ability to withstand large amounts of dirt and must have great drainage features. As a result, high retaining walls almost always have to be built under the supervision of an engineer. 

Building a retaining wall is not a do-it-yourself project unless it is smaller than the maximum height determined by the local council. Even if the wall does not exceed that size, it might still be a bad idea to build it yourself, and hiring a professional is ideal. You can call us today for getting more information about retaining wall construction methods.

When deciding what material to use for your retaining wall, you do not have to make the price your main consideration. You should also consider your property, the type of wall that will look good in your garden, and the height you need to have for that wall.

Concrete blocks are interrelated and available in various colors and styles. In addition, these blocks are very suitable for DIY walls and the price can be the same as the processed pine. Brick can also be used for retaining walls and can be a very aesthetic solution.

Retaining wall materials can vary greatly from affordable to very expensive. This is the cost of some of the most popular retaining wall materials:

The cheapest ingredient is pine. However, processed pine is not as durable as other materials. To make this material a little more durable, you can galvanize it.

Another affordable option is hardwood, which is a little more expensive than pine treated. If treated, this material can withstand water and dirt.