Solar Inverter – The Perfect Solution To Energy Issues

Quickly gaining in popularity are Micro-inverters which can reduce installation cost and improve the efficiency of solar electric systems.

The 1st advantage of using a micro-inverter is that they greatly simplify a solar installation because of the plug and play aspect it adds to the installation of a solar system. These devices plug right into a solar panel and convert the DC power of the panel directly to AC power.

Micro- solar inverters for grid-tied applications is the newest advancement in the inverter industry. Micro-inverters allow each solar panel in a solar array series to function as an independent solar power system, which is advantageous for several reasons.

1. The simplicity of the installation

2. If an inverter goes down it only affects one panel and not the entire array

3. Monitoring and diagnosing problems can be done to the exact panel

4. Working with AC vs DC is safer

5. Each panel is its system and therefore does not affect other panels in the system

6. Better production in areas with shade

7. No string sizing needed

A solar inverter consists of a PV system. Whenever, the sun reflecting on the semiconductor materials, the energy consumed by the PV cells and energy moving in different layers and the generated electricity is stored in batteries.

This electricity is contamination-free and much economical as well. Utilizing the house or different industries we are not going to affect the atmosphere in any way.