Safely Using an Ozone Generator

Safety should be a concern for everyone in the world. Your personal well-being is an important factor, so you should consider reading any instruction manual or caution that comes with an appliance. Any appliance, whether in the home or not, should be treated with caution. This is especially true whenever you have never used one before.

An ozone generator is one of those things. Ozone is a dangerous gas that can cause harm to you or your pets if you breathe it in. However, it is one of the most useful gasses to get rid of things like odors and mold spores.

At, there are many things to learn about ozone generators. While the gas itself might be a bit dangerous to breathe in, you can use it without breathing it in at all. It’s a matter of sealing up the room and getting an ozone generator with a timer on it. The timer will shut off the ozone generator in a matter of hours.

After that, another one or two hours will cause the ozone molecules to separate and become regular oxygen molecules again, making it completely safe and breathable. However, afterward, you’ll find that the odors have dissipated completely. Just make sure that the room is unoccupied by person, pet, and plant!