Racial Slurs Backlashed To McGregor

The Mayweather vs McGregor live world press conference was indeed a show stopper as there were a lot of fans from boxing and UFC have gathered in all their conferences just to witness greatness. And with both fighters known to be very good at mocking each other during interviews and press conferences, a lot were definitely entertained by them. With such controversy that stirred up because of the mockery and insults that both fighters endured, McGregor seems to have experience a backlash in what he did. A petition was made in a website called Care2 petition is addressing Budweiser to let go of McGregor. It was on an online news that it gathered about 7,000 and counting signatures on the said petition. This came to be because of statements that was thrown at Mayweather by McGregor to be very racist and have offended a lot of black people.

Such statements or comments that McGregor made were from an all-black gym in the Rocky III movie. Mayweather was called “boy” several times and “dancing monkeys”. With such news on the line, McGregor was shocked about it and he stated that he was not being racist and his statements were not addressed directly to the black society. Such insults drew so much attention online and in the community that McGregor was too much and has stepped on the line. On the other hand, Mayweather had his own statement of a homophobic slur. Mayweather wanted to have a piece of the cake and everything turned out to be a verbal war all the time on their press conferences. They don’t mind on the insults and mockery that they have been throwing at each other but instead they just say what they feel towards each other. Not all audience were offended by the fighters but the see this as a great marketing strategy to entice more audience to watch their fight on the 26th of August.