How to Test a Stun Gun

Stun guns are frequently used for personal protection by lots of civilians, police officers and military officers. Due to immense increase in crime rate, flashlight stun guns are been allowed for the personal safety in various countries, all around the world. They are counted as non lethal self defense weapons. In this article I have mentioned steps to test the working condition of a stun gun, so, read them carefully. 

1) At first, hold the stun gun away from your body and set your fingers at least 1 ½ inches away from the metal touch probe on the end of the unit. The contact probe, which looks like two tiny metal bumps at the end of the unit, is the part of your stun gun that touches and delivers the shock to any possible assailants.

2) Never point the stun gun at yourself or another person whilst checking out the battery, to avoid accidentally shocking yourself or anyone else.

3) If your stun gun is in good operative condition, you will able to address a white arc of electricity at the touch probe. Since the electrical current doesn't have a body or target to enter, it will circle internally, creating the white arc.

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4) If nothing takes place while you press the trigger, the batteries in your stun gun are probably lifeless. Update the batteries and re-test. If your stun gun is not in good working condition, then you might have to consider repairing or changing it. Relying on how vintage they may be, many stun guns include a guarantee.