How To Select The Right Sandblasting Media

Abrasive blasting, also known as sandblasting is a process that uses specialized machinery for projecting or shooting media to hard surfaces. This process is ideal if you want to remove old finishes. This is also the best way to prepare or rust a surface that needs to be painted, and the good news is, you can find a lot of companies that offers sandblasting in Toronto.

Some might not have heard about this before as such process are only used mostly by those who deals with metals, aluminum, wood etc. There are other ways of removing finishes as well, that is why. Choosing the best medium for blasting applications can be hard specially if you are new to this, to help you with that, here are tips to keep in mind when choosing an abrasive medium.

Choose a soft media. If you are not really sure if the surface that you will be blasting will be able to handle abrasive material or not, it is probably better if you start by using a gentle medium. For soft surfaces like wood, the best choice would be corn cobs or walnut shells as this will not cause etching. These are biodegradable as well, making it an environment friendly media.

Look for glass beads. To achieve a bright and smooth finish, your best option has to be glass beads. Glass beads are made out of fine glass, which puts minimal stress into the surface of a material. These can also be recycled and used for more than a hundred times before you need to replace them, which makes them a cost effective option.

For removing paint, aluminum oxide is the perfect choice. Compared to glass bead, aluminum is a lot sharper and harder. This makes it ideal when it comes to removing paint and other cleaning applications. Aluminum oxide is also used most of the time in glass etching, this is particularly a popular choice for etching.

If your purpose is for aerospace and automotive applications, choose plastic. Plastics are very soft, which makes it ideal for paint removal in fiberglass surfaces. In marine, aerospace, and automotive products, fiberglass parts are mostly used without stripping or etching. The use of plastic also results to low dust levels.

Fast etching needs silicon carbide. Silicon carbide gives an extreme assertive cutting action, which is a good option when it comes to fast etching stone, glass and other surfaces that are hard. Aside from that, silicon carbide works pretty good at removing paint and rust. This medium can be used in many things.

Look for aggressive and super hand steel media. Medias that are made up of carbon steel comes in grit and shot form. The steel shot has a round shape, which is used for peening and polishing applications. The steel grit on the other hand has a sharper texture and its shape is more angular. Perfect for rust, scale, and paint removal from a steel surface.

Many companies of today are no longer using sandblasting because of many reasons. You see, sand has silica, and silica causes respiratory illnesses to people that is exposed to it. Sand is high in moisture, which may lead your blasting equipment to prematurely demise. Overall, this process is still an effective one.