How To Get a Visa for Russia?

Your first consideration when obtaining a Russian visa must be the kind of visa that you would like to apply for. The majority of the people today receive a tourist visa since it enables one to remain in Russia for around 30 days. But should you have to stay longer or traveling to Russia a few times, then obtaining a business visa might be a better option. Additionally, there are special visas for studying and work, in addition to short-term visas for particular sports events and passengers.

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But a lot of men and women come for a brief business trip with tourist visas, and several men and women come to go to their buddies with business visas. Thus, when deciding upon the kind visa, the sole consideration needs to be your advantage concerning the cost of the visa, its rate of processing, the duration of stay this visa permits and the number of entrances the visa permits.

Notably, as Russian officials appear to not care about that which visa you eventually choose, what matters is how much you spend… But when filling in an application form in the area purpose of your trip” you need to define the intent corresponding to the kind of your own visa. Get to know more about Russian visa invitation service via

Ordinarily, the many convenient choices concerning cost, calculating speed and versatility are both tourist and business visas. It is far better to receive a tourist visa if you’re planning to remain in Russian no more than 1 month, and require single-entry only. It is far better to find a business visa when you’re planning to remain in Russia for more than one month and/or desire a multiple-entry visa.

The company visa invitations tend to be more to get and therefore are somewhat more costly, compared to tourist ones. But they provide more flexibility enabling extended periods of stay and numerous entrances to Russia.

The invitation (also referred to as visa aid) is a unique document issued by the party that invites one to Russia. The invitation is expected with a Russian consulate in order to have the ability to process your visa. For each form of visa, there is another sort of invitation (tourist, business, function, personal, and pupil).