How to Change the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) on Your Verizon FIOS Router

After you have successfully changed your Wi-Fi password (Key), you might need to reconnect all of your Wi-Fi devices utilizing the new password info. Transforming your wireless password is straightforward. After signing in, you are going to be asked to make a new password and establish a secret question. After changing up your modem wifi's name, it is possible to also alter your password. Should you ever lose this password you will need to repeat the steps above. The default password is the exact same for both networks. A default wireless password is assigned to every modem and can be discovered on the back part of your modem. 

Select the section of the network you wish to modify! When it is locked to a network you're restricted to using one company for your data rates which usually means you can't opt for the best price for the destination you're traveling to. If you would like to make sure that your network won't be hijacked by anyone, it's vital to modify the wi-fi password. Make sure to discover this out before purchasing a stick if you wish to have the ability to utilize it for a different network. It is possible to even use it in order to establish a secure wireless network. Wireless broadband isn't for everybody. Mobile broadband sticks can be helpful if you have to work on the go and can't get a Wi-Fi signal, or in case you reside in a place without affordable fixed-line broadband support. 

Hotspots are offered from all four nationwide carriers, in addition to several digital operators using the bigger carriers' networks. High-quality hotspots also have TS9 external antenna ports to help you better your signal utilizing inexpensive antennas you can get online. If you're on the lookout for a no-contract hotspot that's both user-friendly and competitively priced, this is a good alternative. Most mobile hotspots support up to five devices at a moment, allowing nearby friends and family to talk about your cell connection too. There are various WiFi hotspots available so earning a selection could be a bit confusing. My WiFi gives a comprehensive view in your Cox in-home WiFi network. Your WLAN should restart, wait for a couple of seconds. 

The technology enables a device to use multiple frequency ranges simultaneously, which may dramatically increase throughput and dependability. In case you have a few really old devices like the original Nintendo DS, you might have to utilize WEP, but for the large part, you ought to be using WPA2 as it's the sole sort of secure encryption for Wi-Fi. Users simply buy the MiFi 2200 and the Internet on the Go service and reach a secure Wi-Fi network that may be utilized to connect as many as five laptops or tablets to the web. Users of different carriers should get the Cat 6 LTE-Advanced model. Keep reading and learn how you're able tochange the WiFi password in only a couple of minutes.

All you will need is a web browser and your device needs to be linked to the network, whose password you wish to modify. Since that previous screenshot is basically unreadable, following is a zoomed-in view.