Guide to Ozone Generator Safety

Ozone generators are a tool that you can use to remove odors, allergens, and other microbes from the air. It can be annoying to breathe in dust mites and pet dander, causing your allergies to flare up and leave you with a runny nose and itchy throat. There are ways to avoid this, however.

While vacuuming and cleaning can do so much, you can also get an ozone generator. Even though ozone is dangerous for humans and animals to breathe in, it can be an effective tool to remove odors and allergens. You should only run it whenever you’re not in the same room as the ozone generator, though.

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Ozone is dangerous to breathe in, since it is composed of charged oxygen molecules. It has three oxygen atoms instead of the normal two atoms, so they are very reactive and volatile. Breathing in these molecules can cause your lungs to become inflamed and give you an uncomfortable situation for a while.

It will heal, of course, but you don’t want to be in that situation in the first place. Animals can die from too much ozone exposure. This is especially true for birds, considering they are highly sensitive to it. Only run an ozone generator when no one or no animals are in the room.