Finding the Perfect Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a lively, proud and very lovable dog. They are often friendly and self-assured. The Shih Tzu is the sort of dog that expects to be treated just like a king, and wants you to understand him.

It is for this motive that often Shih Tzu's are a bad choice of dog if you might have babies or toddlers in the house. They can become jealous very easily. To know more about Shih Tzu, go to

Shih Tzu’s are alert and active nature means they're excellent good mannered companions. Poorly bred Shih Tzu's could be noisy and snappy.

If you need a Shih Tzu it's best to take a few precautions to avoid half-bred or genetically faulty Shih Tzu breeds. Rather spend time making a good decision than have to regret it later. Unethical breeding practices are common and you will need to be an informed buyer if you will choose the best Shih Tzu for you personally.

Choosing a good breeder is very important. You don't want to find yourself buying a puppy from one of many notorious puppy mills. Cross bred varieties can produce a myriad of health and behavioral problems. If you need to be certain that you increasingly becoming a genuine Shih Tzu it's a wise idea to check the breed expectations before buying.

If you intend on showing your puppy at competitions and shows then a far more careful reading of the breed standards are crucial. You will also want to decide on a more confident puppy – seek out the puppy in the kitten that seems poised and friendly – as well as good looking!