Do Ozone Generators Really Work for Hunting

Ozone generators are a source of controversy for many people. Did you know that they’re very useful when it comes to hunting? They’re used to remove odors from rooms and items, but did you know that you can also use them on your hunting gear and clothing?

The strongest sense that most animals have are their noses. They can pick up scent from hundreds of yards away, alerting them to your presence. They will flee the area and you could end up without any trophies or meat to cook for your family. Whether it’s a deer, duck, quail, squirrel, or turkey, there are plenty of ways to mask yourself from them.

At there are many resources that you can learn about ozone generators. While breathing in ozone can be dangerous, it is highly effective when removing scents from your equipment for hunting. Even if you’re out hunting, you can remove your smell from your clothing if you use it in your car.

Don’t be inside the car with it on, though! It will cause a lot of health problems if you breathe it in. Leave it in your car for about half an hour and you’ll have odor-free gear in a matter of time. These scents will not be picked up by wild animals and it will make them even more receptive to you.