Different Styles of Wedding Photography

When booking a wedding photographer you need to ask yourself an important question – "what style of wedding photography would we love?"

It's reasonable to say us photographers can sometimes baffle individuals with jargon – especially when describing our styles of photographs, like traditional, reportage, modern, documentary, photojournalistic etc..

Hopefully, this article can help you to choose the style of photography you want for your wedding.

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is a style you will all be familiar with. Carefully posed shots of classes ranging from the whole guest list right down to only the bride and groom themselves. The poses will be classical that contemporary and thus don't anticipate any quirky shots including jumping or running for example.

Different Styles of Wedding Photography

Documentary, Journalistic or Reportage Wedding Photography

This manner of wedding photography is not anything new in relation to being a general photographic design, but it is comparatively new to wedding photography. This style is more informal when compared to traditional wedding photography as the photography is likely to get little or no interaction with the bride, groom or guests as the chief focus is to record the day as it happens. For the best wedding photography, you can hire wedding photographer Somerset.

Contemporary wedding pictures

This style sits somewhere between traditional wedding pictures and also the reportage styles, in many ways this style could be considered a hybrid of both and the only real fashions are traditional and reportage.

The reason this is a design in itself is since you will get the usual posed group shots but combined with a far more fun and modern posing style. Frequently the photography will look for an interesting approach to utilize locations and settings from the set up of a photo and take advantage of the willingness of the bride and groom to make something extra special.