Considering Usability and Accessibility Standards

To produce a good website, you must optimize your own site. Use the right keywords, provide quality content, and create work links and more. The truth is search engine optimization is only an element of a good website. Other elements are accessibility and usability.

Optimized websites with good links and rich keywords may or may not be considered a good website. For example, a website has got first place in the search results. So automatically, internet users who enter queries will choose that website. After reaching the website, users will be disappointed.

This website is full of links and junk content. You can call it a website that can be accessed and optimized but cannot be used. It doesn't deserve to be called "good". You can know about accessibility audit from various web sources.

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Your website must be easy to find for users with disabilities. This is a must for all webmasters as stated in the Disability Discrimination Act. However, accessibility also refers to giving people who have technical problems such as old cellphones, browsers or software.

To make your website accessible, produce clear and readable content. This includes choosing the right font and the right font size. Video files can be pinned to a website to help those who are deaf. Same is the case with audio files for the visually impaired.

Usability defines how users can easily move around websites and find good information in them. That's functionality and information in one. For your website to be used, provide what you have promised your readers.

Functionality means making your website work. That means it is easy to use and users won't find problems finding what they need. If there is a need to download files or jump to a page, you should be clear about how they do it.

Give a link to the download page or link to a particular web page. If the user has to do an investigation, give them a form that they can fill in with your email address. Design your website where users don't have to click multiple times or scroll down.