Choosing the Correct Timber Floor

There are various kinds of different wood floors available which satisfy distinct properties and ages.

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While Solid Oak remains the popular wood for flooring. Its variety varies from ash, through to maple and some exotic redwoods – wenge, panga panga, tiger timber to list a couple so you can discover any wood to match any period/age of land or some other design requirements.

The wood can be rated determined by the'look' you're attempting to create. E.g., at a barn conversion distressed signifies that the wood was aged to seem older whereas at a contemporary new construct, Prime will be better as you'd want to have that tidy, close grained design.

There are several unique finishes available, in the instant Limed is quite popular so the wood has a'washed/bleached' look about it but different distinct colors are available.

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Osmo Polyx Oil is a natural hard wearing finish available in transparent or colored hardwax oil to offer any wood with a simple to keep hardwearing finish.

The main factor when purchasing wood is to check the item has an FSC certification; this demonstrates that the wood is properly forested without damaging the environment, many reputable businesses are also involved using a re-plantation method to guarantee the future of these woods.