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Personal Life Coaching tips

There is also a new phenomenon sweeping the U. K. which is helping people not only to achieve, earn, and do more but also to lead a more balanced and holistic life. It's called 'Personal Existence Coaching' and it really does help individuals be all that they want to be. You can go through to get the personal life coaching tips.

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As with so many things this concept was only available in the Circumstance. S. A. in the late eighties. Following on from the once popular consultants and therapists, it is now the 'personal coach' that will now help form out your own and professional life. The brand new type of advisor will strategies with you in weekly sessions, either in-person, on the telephone or via email.

Instruction started off as a way to help frenzied business owners and corporate executives deal with a life that seemed to be careering out of control. Since reported by the UK Journal of Administrative Managing coaching 'takes a substitute view of the individual' ensuring that work, company values, personal needs and career development are made to work in synergy and not against each other. Nevertheless, what began as a 'corporate client' service has become a valuable tool for virtually any person wanting to improve their life.

Born out of the competitive pressures of today's economy as well as the fight to find balance in the concerned pace of modern life this Personal Life Training is now rapidly bringing in devotees in Britain. 

The Best Way To Learn A Language

Many people wonder in what would be the best way to learn a language, especially if they see that their language learning efforts aren't bringing the results they'd hoped for. There in fact is only 1 answer to the – improve the way you learn. That is the best way.

There are some people who advocate various ways or techniques or some book or other. There's without doubt that many can succeed in teaching you something in regards to the language you're learning. The big question is do you want to actually learn something from them that may actually translate into skills that you should use with confidence. That is possibly where we have the largest disconnect – studying but not producing the language prowess you want.

Of course likely to a program might help you receive over some hurdles. However it is not before you take responsibility for the learning, and start taking on some ways of learning which in fact work (not just think they work because you had been told they would), will you discover what you need to help you reach your goal.

You will find several key factors to look at after you have chosen to see tips on how to improve your learning. Taking even some of these on board can transform your results. You can look for various languages and courses available at to enhance your skills.

Many people think that language learning is hard and consequently everything they do has that as an undertone. It generally does not must be difficult and a hard "slog ". After you accomplish that, your attitude will change and that may well be instrumental in assisting you move ahead faster. 

Want to Develop Your Career? Find The Right Mentor.

Various senior and executive job searchers cite utilizing an impartial mentor as one of the most important resources when seeking their next career move.

A mentor is usually someone who has traveled the same career path and is one step forward on the career step ladder; they pass on their firsthand activities in order to provide you with your own career progression. You can go through to know about credible career coaching.

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An advisor is somebody who is there when you are in need – say, when facing redundancy – or even if things are going well – when the offers are abundant and the choice of what to do next can seem to be somewhat mind-boggling. If you are facing a crossroads in your career a mentor will guide and support you with the knowledge gained off their own career way.

Friends and family provide a certain level of support and guidance but a mentor is not a friend. A mentor's distance and ability to be impartial is fundamental when making important decisions relating to your job. You already know this person on a professional basis so the advice and critique are easier for them to give and easier so that you can receive than if it was from someone near you.

On many levels you must choose your own mentor, you must respect the decisions they have made and trust that they will be honest with you and enjoy the desire to see your progress is to do well. Your marriage must be mutually beneficial therefore you must give as much as you get even though listening to what they say.

Anki Drive, AWS And The Zero Message Loss Efficiency

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Challenges Facing Implementation of Changes in Management of Higher Education Institutions

Higher education institutions are supposed to prepare students for the careers they desire to get into. However, it has been a challenge for many governments in both developed and developing countries to provide this education. This is why there is need to strengthen private sector to help reduce the burden on the government. Well, students in higher education institutions could better their research work by seeking help online from people like Mahee Ferlini. To find out the other passion for Mahée ferlini apart from research, you can visit her Youtube channel.

Financial challenge is quite a problem for the higher education institutions. It is necessary that these institutions are able to utilize the available resources efficiently. However, most of them suffer from poor management and therefore the available resources are not able to meet the needs of the institutions. Changing the management faces quite a number of challenges. There is financial constraints to enable them institutions obtain quality management. Similarly, there are those people in the institutions who are resistant to change making it impossible to implement the changes in management. In addition, some institutions suffer from inadequate staffing. Another cause of failure in implementation of new management is the failure to set aside enough time for the planning required.

Becoming a personal trainer

Do you want to become a personal trainer? Congratulations for doing something you're passionate about. There is no better way to generate income than helping other people to improve their health, fitness & lifestyle. How to become a personal trainer is generally one of many questions a fitness enthusiast has before deciding to start a fitness career. For the best fitness courses, you can visit online.

Becoming a personal trainer is not that complicated. There is no formal regulation in the health and fitness training industry. Anyone can be a personal trainer. There is no need to be licensed to get money for fitness training but proper certification is very important.

However, you must understand, your requirements to become a personal fitness trainer come along with a sense of obligation. In order to be aggressive, as well as contribute to the professionalism in the market, you should have some proper fitness trainer training, and have a very personal trainer certification before people officially begin accepting money on your fitness consulting services.

Once you choose to become a personal trainer you'll want to acquire trainer liability insurance, a CPR certification, and the appropriate fitness trainer certification. This is your responsibility to both your upcoming clients, and the industry people represent.

Why Engineering is getting popular among youngsters?

Influence of digitalization and use of internet has made the people look the world with some other perspective. People these days are getting smarter as they are getting more in touch with the facts and reality that relies behind each and every engineering model such as any machine or application. An individual is only able to understand the science or logic behind the manufacturing or construction of any particular machine, device or application by the help of engineering knowledge. This fact gave a high rise to the demand of Coaching Centre in Chandigarh, because with the help of this, a learner thinks that he or she can get more and more knowledge on the concept of engineering and along with that coaching of engineering is in demand because after attaining it one becomes eligible to get the degree of engineering which is a necessary element for becoming an engineer.

Studies of engineering rely upon the structure of logics and theories relevant to the subjects of mathematics and science. Engineering is a field or profession where an engineer always keeps on learning and stays updated with the new amendments in the logics that can help in making a better and improved engineering model or structure such as any application or machine. 




The Creator of the  Retina Specialty
His Life & Times  

“I am a human being who  has received
a tremendous amount on this earth, so
I feel I  have a tremendous debt that I
can never pay back enough.”


–Clinical  Professor of Ophthalmology Emeritus,  Harvard Medical 

—Founder and First President, Schepens  Eye Research Institute,      
    Boston, MA

Charles Schepens accomplished much in his lifetime.  Personally, professionally and in service to others, his list of achievements is formidable.  He also possessed the rare qualities of being both exacting in his work, and, through his devotion to his work and his students also to cultivate a loyal and equally devoted body of friends and colleagues around the world.

He was a man of many dimensions who gave deeply of himself throughout his lifetime, so that he could  provide opportunities to others, in return, he said, for the many opportunities that he was given by others in life.

Thousands of us have benefited from his leadership in the field of ophthalmology and his focus on the retina.  Many thousand more have had their lives changed through the treatments and tools he developed.

Charles L. Schepens: The  Early Years

Born in Mouscron, Belgium in 1912,   Dr. Schepens grew up during the days of the German Bombing and occupation of neighboring Ypres.  He attended medical school in Belgium and was trained in mathematics and pharmacology.   Soon after,  he served as a captain in the Belgian Air Force Medical Corps and later in the French and Belgian Resistance during World War II.  He was captured twice by the German Gestapo, but survived and eventually emigrated to the United States.

Schepens Family Photo circa 1917

Class photo of Jesuit boarding school Dr. Schepens attended after the loss of his parents where he said  he spent the best times of his youth.

“‘You must give back to society.’  This was the principle tenet by which my grandfather approached his  life, and the one rule he laid before us in every conversation we had about careers and life decisions:’’—Marc Schepens, grandson of  Charles Schepens.

The 2004 book “The Surgeon and the Shepherd,” by Meg Ostrum, describes his   time spent with the resistance movement.  He spent nearly two years operating a working  sawmill while covertly working to assist  more than 100 Allied pilots, prisoners of war, Belgian government officials and others to escape the Nazis into Spain  Dr. Schepens was consumed by his passion for helping others during these years, and the ensuing events influenced him greatly throughout the rest of his life.

He eventually fled through Spain, when Nazi officers tried to arrest him in 1943, and settled in London.  At the same time,  his wife and children, who were under house arrest by the Nazis, made their own escape,  hiking through the mountains to Spain and eventually joining him in England.

The family’s arrival in Boston in 1945

Dr. Schepens and his wife, Marie, were  married for over 69 years and had 4 children.

Around 1920, Dr. Jules  Gonin (1870-1935) discovered the cause and cure for retinal detachment.

“In 1945, Dr. Charles Schepens; unique contribution to ophthalmology began with the conception and building of the binocular indirect ophthalmoscope which  markedly enhanced the view within the eye.   This and the new surgical techniques used with it revolutionized surgery for detached retinas, raising the success rate from 40 %  to 90%.
                                                                        —J. Wallace McMeel, MD

Dr. Schepens Holding an Indirect Ophthalmoscope

After arriving in England, Dr. Schepen accepted a post as research scholar at Moorfield Eye Hospital in London.  It was there that he built the first binocular indirect  ophthalmoscope in 1945, which for the first time allowed surgeons a hands-free stereoscopic view of the retina.  The prototype of his design was crafted from scrap metal, glass and other bits of hardware that he scavenged from the rubble at Moorfield following the German blitz.

This method of examining the fundus was to revolutionize retinal surgery and, it was said at the time that this single invention advanced the field of ophthalmoscopy more  than had been achieved in the prior fifty years.  An early model of his design is on permanent display at the Smithsonian institution in Washington, DC.

As a teacher of teachers, Dr. Schepens eventually taught indirect ophthalmoscopy and modern retinal surgery to ophthalmologists across the world.  Indeed, in many countries, the indirect ophthalmoscope is referred to by Many as “The Schepens Scope.”

He and his team of scientists continued to develop new techniques and procedures, including vitreous microscissors, the laser  Doppler Flowmeter and silicone scleral buckling.  Schepens also pioneered the open-sky vitrectomy for repairing the retina in cases of Retinopathy of Prematurity.

Through a medical career spanning 70 years, Dr. Schepens created numerous surgical innovations which have saved and will continue to save the sight of millions of adults and children suffering from retinal disorders.  His medical and scientific legacy will continue through the work of the Schepens Eye Research Institute and his many students throughout the world.

‘His work, devotion and tremendous energy spent  in training so many doctors has made a marked difference in the prognosis of retinal detachment in his country and around the world.”

–Felix Sabates, MD, FACS


Because little research money was available in war-ravaged  Europe, he left London and emigrated to the United  States in 1947, joining the Howe  Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School, as a fellow in ophthalmic research. Three years later, he founded the Retina Foundation and the first retina service in the world at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear  Infirmary , where he served as director.  He also served as a clinical  professor of ophthalmology at Harvard until 1978 when he earned the title of  Clinical  Professor of Ophthalmology, Emeritus.

Now known as the Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston, it is the world’s largest independent eye research institute and is an affiliate of Harvard  Medical  School.  Beginning with one researcher who collaborated with Dr. Schepens in the study of the vitreous, many early discoveries ensued.  The use of viscoelastic material in ophthalmic surgery has its origins  in this early pioneering work at the Institute.

Dr. Schepens founded the Schepens Retina Associates, the first subspecialty group dedicated to caring for retina patients and training retina specialists.   He was an independent  and innovative man who saw needs in the world and stepped forward in every circumstance to meet those needs.  Prior to his passing at age  94,  Dr. Schepens was still working at the Foundation that bears his name.  He was seeing patients, assisting in fund-raising and overseeing research.

A detailed knowledge of the retina was essential.  He trained all of his students to make these detailed drawings of the patient’s retina to obtain a complete understanding of the disease as well as plan for therapy.

(Above) The first location of the Schepens Eye  Research Institute was in one floor of an old tenement house.  (below)  The current location in Boston, MA


Dr. Schepens whole approach centers on the synergy that comes from contributing education, research and clinical practice in one institution.  Since its development, the organization has trained today’s leaders  in ophthalmologic research and  medicine.  This includes more than 400 postdoctoral fellows in various disciplines of eye research and  more than 500 eye surgeons who now practice around the world.

“I am most satisfied that this type of work is not dying with me, thanks to the training program and the people who continue the tradition.  I think it is  wonderful to be proud of people who are younger than  you and who will survive you and know you had something to do with the fact that they are so successful and the knowledge has been passed on”

                   –Charles Schepens,  MD

“Innovator, clinician-scientist and teacher, Charles Schepens led an epochal advance in the knowledge and treatment of retinal disease worldwide.”

—Bradley R. Straatsma, MD
Founding Director, Jules Stein Eye  Institute



In addition to developing the binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, Dr. Schepens and his associates designed many other ophthalmic instruments including the small-pupil ophthalmoscope, the scanning laser ophthalmoscope and the laser photocoagulator.

He has also published over 390 scientific papers, and four books on retinal diseases.


Biomedical engineer and physicist Oleg Pomerantzeff was a close friend and co-worker of  Dr. Schepens, whom he referred to as “the 20th century ’s greatest physicist in ophthalmic optics.”

Oleg Pomerantzeff








“Dr. Schepens lived by his motto and was an example for all of us.  ‘Never stop dreaming.  What seemed impossible yesterday can be reality tomorrow.’   We shall remember this giant of ophthalmology  with the love and respect  he deserves.  His life stands as  a testament to the power of human ingenuity, compassion and dedication.’

             –Alice McPherson, MD

“He was constantly emphasizing research to improve clinical outcomes, then educating people who would bring advances in treatment to a wider population.   Having been exposed to him, fellows and investigators absorbed his dedication to research, education and patient care –and carried that message around the world.”

Dr Schepens taught with a rigorous method,  defining problems and solving them with meticulous care   He set equally high standards for his students, as well.

When looking at the spirit of determination he exhibited in his early years and in his activities during the war. it is easy to recognize that same tenacity and concern for others being focused on solutions for vitreo-retinal diseases.

His was an exceptional humanity,  demonstrated through his continuing support of his graduates, providing insightful advice when many less committed might waver.   Charles Schepens has left  an enormous footprint that will be forever remembered.”


‘I believe in God profoundly.  I am a human being who  has received a great deal on this earth. with wonderful parents, brothers, sisters, a devoted wife and children.  I was brought up in optimum circumstances with good schools and a brain that worked.  So I feel I have a tremendous debt to pay back by finding solutions to unsolved  problems and helping create happiness for t hose less fortunate.”

Charles Schepens, MD 

While so much of his life was focused on larger issues, he still retained an amazing compassion for individuals.  Many letters  from patients attest to his personal concern and warmth for their problems, both ophthalmic and otherwise.  His students, and former fellows almost universally have remembrances  of unsolicited  kindnesses from their mentor.  He often said that among his happiest moments were those spent when surrounded by  his fellows.

No one worked so hard for so long in developing so much in the field of retinal research and treatment. He was so passionate in his desire to help others,  his goal was to train people around the world, so  they would go out into the world and train others.

Just a few weeks after receiving the French Legion of Honor award,    Professor Charles L, Schepens died  Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at the age of 94.  He was survived by  this wife of 69 years, Marie G (Vander-Eecken) who died June 9,  2008.

“Life is a chain.   Our bodies fail and eventually have to rest for a very long time, but our beings and our work live on through our family,  colleagues and friends.

                                      —Charles L Schepens, MD 


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