All About The Amazon Kindle Fire

New Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire launched by Amazon in late September 2011. Amazon has sold more than 90,000 devices on the first day.

In this article, we will provide the most important details about this new gadget, which really does look like it will stir up the tablet market. If you are looking for amazon fire tv then you can search through various online resources.

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Fire is a tablet e-reader with the internet and email capabilities. It is hoped that it will become very popular because it has features not available on other mobile devices.

The main new features that will appear in the Kindle Fire are a new web browser, Amazon Silk. Amazon's Silk browser is much faster than is usually available on mobile devices. It is even faster than many desktop browsers.

The secret consists of browser speed split-architecture, which means that the work of loading web pages shared between processes running on the browser itself and the process was started remotely by the Amazon server.

To speed up web browsing, even more, Amazon's servers observe the pattern viewed from the Kindle Fire. They use this information to predict what the user will be asked for the next page and pre-load the page before the user even asked.